Pension Case Management(PCM)

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Pension Case Management is built to support latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

For access to PCM please fill in this form and submit to at the Government Pensions Administration Agency and your request for access will be processed.

A number of changes were planned to refine PCM with the objective to prevent errors to come through to GEPF.

  1. End-to-end PCM enquiry was deployed to Production. Click here for more information.o   When a PCM case was printed, the PCM Enquiries tracking stopped at “Printed” and the system was only updated to Paid when the case was finalised .
    o   Thus, there was no visibility to the employer of the processing steps between “Printed” and “Paid”.
    o   A system change was implemented to allow for the inclusion of case tracking between “Printed” and “Paid”.
    o   The statuses included will be:
    o   “In Processing” includes all units where the processing of the exit is in progress.
    o   “Payment Instruction created” indicates that the payment instruction was created at the GPAA and is in the process of authorisation.
    o   “In Tax Directive” indicates that the payment was authorised and was sent to SARS for a tax directive.
    o   The “Paid” status will follow when processed. The “Paid” status will follow when the payment is finalized.

  2. Click here to see Address changes.o The PCM system was aligned to the prescribed address format required by SARS for submission of tax certificates.
    o The PCM user will be required to capture the information for both residential and the postal address. If both addresses are the same the radio button to indicate this can be set to Yes.
  3. Add liability check box was corrected to not display the message box for instances where there is no additional liability for the case.o   For example an ill health retirement less than 10 years will incur no additional liability as the GPAA pays the actuarial interest for this case.
    o   The GEPF requested the GPAA to include the actual additional liability calculation and the calculation will be added in a subsequent release.

  4. Bank verification validation before submission to the GPAA.o   An EXCO business decision was made to block a PCM case from being submitted to the GEPF, if the bank verification did not pass.
    o   The decision is based on the fact that the bank verification can fail at any stage in the GPAA process and then the case is rejected back to the employer for the required bank form.

  5. The problem with the addition of beneficiary detail was resolved.o Cases with an error – “Please send the reference number to the system administrator” must be reported to (Please include a screenshot of an error).
  6. PCM cases with POS and LWP.o   GPAA business found several cases where the POS and LWP were not correctly confirmed on the system resulting in delays in the processing of exits.
    o   Please send the cases with POS and LWP to PCMOnline if the employer records differ from the GPAA records.
    o   The cases will be reported to the Special Projects unit or Membership to correct the information on CIVPEN.
    o   Please note that the POS and LWP will only be displayed on PCM and must be correct at the time the PCM case is captured.
    o   The process will allow for quicker processing of exits with POS and LWP.

Employer User Guide

Kindly find attached, the Pension Case Management Employer User Guide to be used as a navigational guide for accessing and using PCM.