Pension Case Management(PCM)

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The PCM system will be available over the lockdown period.

Pension Case Management is built to support latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

For access to PCM please fill in this form and submit to at the Government Pensions Administration Agency and your request for access will be processed.

A number of changes were planned to refine PCM with the objective to prevent errors to come through to GEPF.

The following is a list of all the latest changes in PCM Production, these changes were deployed on the 19th of March 2020.

  1. The banking details validation process has changed. Click here for more information. a)  PCM allows the employer Capturer to capture banking details.
    b)  The GPAA submit banking details to National Treasury for validation.
    c)  If banking details validation fails, the case will be sent back to the employer Capturer’s Inbox. The bank validation reason/s for failure will be displayed in the comment section on the Case Enquiry.
    d)  When the employer Capturer has captured the international bank, the case will be routed to GPAA for printing and further processing.
  2. Click here for a list of banking details validation reject reasons. a) Incorrect Bank Account Number or No Match Found
    b) Incorrect ID Number or Company Registration Number
    c) Incorrect Initials
    d) Incorrect Name Or Incorrect Supplier Name
    e) Unique ID must be unique. Please contact
    f) Function name is mandatory. Please contact
    g) Request area is mandatory. Please contact
    h) Person type is mandatory. Please contact
    i) Bank code is mandatory and should be valid.
    j) Branch name is mandatory and should be valid.
    k) Account type is mandatory and should be valid.
    l) Account number is mandatory and should be valid.
    m) Title is mandatory.
    n) Initials are mandatory.
    o) First names are mandatory.
    p) Surname is mandatory.
    q) Identity number is mandatory.
    r) Company name is mandatory. Please contact
    s) No rejection reason provided by bank. Please contact
  3. Enhanced Spouse Benefit - Rule Change - 1/11/2019 (PSCBC Resolution 1 of 2017). Click here for more information.a)  PCM allows the employer Capturer to indicate at capture stage if the Enhanced Spouse Benefit is required.
    b)   Should the option for the enhanced benefit be selected, PCM will generate a form to the Capturer for completion – this form will require details of the member’s spouse to enable GPAA to generate a quotation for the member. The quotations will be returned to the HR for the member’s consideration, acceptance and return.
    c)   Note that where a request for the quotation is required, the Retirement exit case will be held pending the return of the signed/accepted quote from the member.
  4. POS & LWP changes. Click here for more information. a)  POS : The Z102 will be pre-populated with what is on GPAA’s systems. The employer Capturer will not be allowed to capture POS period. These cases will be routed to the GPAA for printing and further processing.

    b)   LWP: The employer can only capture the period over 120 days.

  5. The SMS notifications are changing. Click here for more information. a)  The barcode of the rejected PCM case will be included in the SMS sent to the member. The member can then use the barcode to inquire on the status of the case.

Click here to see a list of changes that was deployed to Production on the 12th of December 2019.

Employer User Guide

Kindly find attached, the Pension Case Management Employer User Guide to be used as a navigational guide for accessing and using PCM.