Pension Case Management(PCM)

Welcome to Pension Case Management (PCM).

Pension Case Management is built to support latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

Important software updates in PCM automation journey ( effective date 17th of September 2020).

  1. Introduction of Enhance Spouse Benefit (ESB) legislation on Pension Case Management (PCM). Refer to the Enhanced Spouse Pension Training Manual for the latest update.
  2. The integration of PCM’s personal details and department of home affairs.  Download the document for more information.
  3.  The GPAA validation process . Download the document  for more information.
  4. Click here for a list of banking details validation reject reasons. a) Incorrect Bank Account Number or No Match Found
    b) Incorrect ID Number or Company Registration Number
    c) Incorrect Initials
    d) Incorrect Name Or Incorrect Supplier Name
    e) Unique ID must be unique. Please contact
    f) Function name is mandatory. Please contact
    g) Request area is mandatory. Please contact
    h) Person type is mandatory. Please contact
    i) Bank code is mandatory and should be valid.
    j) Branch name is mandatory and should be valid.
    k) Account type is mandatory and should be valid.
    l) Account number is mandatory and should be valid.
    m) Title is mandatory.
    n) Initials are mandatory.
    o) First names are mandatory.
    p) Surname is mandatory.
    q) Identity number is mandatory.
    r) Company name is mandatory. Please contact
    s) No rejection reason provided by bank. Please contact