Pension Case Management(PCM)

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Dear employer, SARS has implemented the prescribed address layout requirements. The GPAA is required to comply with these requirements.

Please note that certain address layout fields are compulsory and may affect how you complete the process. Click here for a guide on how to complete any missing information.

Pension Case Management is built to support latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

For access to PCM please fill in this form and submit to at the Government Pensions Administration Agency and your request for access will be processed.

Dear employer, the GPAA follows an automated verification process on banking details, which includes the numeric length of the account number.

Banking details that do not adhere to the following numeric length requirements will fail the validation and therefore be rejected.

Kindly ensure that the numeric length complies with the table below.

Bank Account Number Validations:

Bank Account length
à7 8 9 10 11
Bank of Athens X X
Bidvest Bank X
Capitec Bank X
Investec Private bank X
Nedbank X
SA Post Bank X
Standard Bank X X
All other banks no validation other than NOT Zero characters in length

Employer User Guide

Kindly find attached, the Pension Case Management Employer User Guide to be used as a navigational guide for accessing and using PCM.