Pension Case Management(PCM)

Welcome to Pension Case Management (PCM) Click here to go to Log-in page

Pension Case Management is built to support latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

For access to PCM please fill in this form and submit to at the Government Pensions Administration Agency and your request for access will be processed.

Please take note of the following when uploading documents on PCM.

Scanner Settings:

  • Scan size : 300 dpi
  • Page size : A4 (please do not scan A3, A3 images will result in technical issues that can result in rejections)
  • Please scan with page setup portrait

PCM will limit the attachments to 5MB per case and not exceed 20 files.


Employer User Guide

Kindly find attached, the Pension Case Management Employer User Guide to be used as a navigational guide for accessing and using PCM.